How to use enrich epods

to market property letting (and sales)

Step 1: In respect of the property


Scrip – develop generic front-end script (describing the property, it location, features, etc.) and generic back-end script (with concluding remarks and call to action), and then record – either using electronic voice or real voice) and save to an audio files (mp3, m4a, etc.).


Property Visuals – collect images of the property, its location and site layout


Step 2: In respect of the leased premises


Script – develop a script for each of the particular premises that are available to let


Layout Plan – procure an image of the plan of the particular premises – this slide can include a links to additional plans or details of the premises


Step 3: Create property epod

Create property epod using property audio and property visuals

Create individual slides of each of the to let, with the premises plans as the visual of the slide and the specific premises audio of the slide

NOTE: The epod’s url remains the notwithstanding that new premises slides (with their audio) are added when new vacancies arise, and others are removed the existing premises are let.

enrich is an ultra easy way to

deliver quality information about letting opportunities

display in webpage:

Bryanston Gate Office Park

Property name

Property name

Property name

and because it’s so easy to do, anyone can do it – in minutes …

terms of usage

with enrich, everyone wins