Project Edit Screen

The project edit screen is used to create Slides and link them to a Project (podcast episode).

This project edit screen is screen is divided into three horizontal areas.


  • Audio: – The bottom area is controls that audio.
  • Stagging: The middle area is a staging area that holds the Slides prior to them being linked to the podcast.
  • Linking: The top area shows all Slides that have been linked to the podcast.


The idea is that the Project Slides are first created, edited and then ordered in the staging area, and thereafter linked to the podcast. The audio assists the user to with the timing of the Slide.

Create a new Slide: press the + icon located at the bottom right. The new Slide is created from one of three types of templates:


  • Account Holder personal templates: these are the personal templates of the Account Holder / Collaborator
  • templates: these are‘s the standard templates
  • Podcaster’s templates: these are the personal templates of the podcaster which are made available to collaborators


All new Slides are automatically inserted into the staging area of the project.


Managing your personal templates:

  • Add: to add a Slide to your personal templates, simply press the more button of the Slide in the staging area, and select ‘add to private templates’
  • Delete: to remove a Slide from your personal templates,
    • select the ‘+’ button to create a new Slide,
    • selected the personal template you wish to delete,
    • press the delete button.

To manage the Slides in the Staging area, press:


  • edit <?> : to edit the Slide <edit unlayer info>
  • click icon – to insert the Slide based on the audio time.
  • More <?>: and then:
    • make a copy of the Slide in the staging area
    • copy the page to private templates
    • delete the page from he staging area
  • to move the pages into correct order, drag an drop them.


: press <?> edit a Slide in either the staging or link areas:

Linking Slides to podcast: There are three way ways you can link the pages located in the staging area to the audio:


  • collate all Slides in staging area in the correct order. Play the audio, and when the Slide needs to shown, link it to the podcast by pressing the <clock button>.
  • play the audio and link default markers to audio by pressing the <?> button. Then return and edit the markers or replace the markers with a Slide.
  • link a Slide by pressing the clock button, and then adjust the link-time of each page manually.


Other functions in the linking area:


  • Edit Slide: press <?>
  • Edit Slide timing: press the time, edit and press return
  • de-link: to de-link a Slide and return it to the staging area, press <?>
  • Alt i: add a blank marker to timeline
  • Alt a: link next page in staging area
  • Alt 2: go back 10 seconds
  • Alt 3: go forward 10 seconds
  • Alt 4: decrease playback speed
  • Alt 5: increase playback speed

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