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enrich maximizes listener engagement by dynamically displaying interactive slides with your podcast in a unique and rewarding way.

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how is enrich different

enrich is specifically designed for adding interactive visual content to podcasts and distributing through existing channels …

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improved story telling capacity


Showing interactive slides ‘every now and then’ allows the audio creator to enrich their audio content, and gives the listener the visuals they want or need to see. The slides can include images, gifs, captions, hyperlinks, etc., and the audio creator can appoint collaborators to help them create and link the slides to the audio.

enhanced end-user engagement


End-user listen as normal, and only look at a slide when the creator tells them to check out some content or when prompted by the audio prompt. They can use the interactive slides as markers to navigate through the audio and share all or part of the audio.

better ads penetration

Interactive slides improve host-read ads, assist to build brands and listeners can click through to the advertisers’ webpage. Further, the ability to include a separate audio recording in a slide means that the podcaster can build a library of ads, and then use as needed.

with enrich, everyone wins

distribute into existing channels

distribute enrich projects using standard url, embed code (iframe) and mp4.

enriching your podcast is easy

create enrich project

Create a project in the enrich creator and connect to podcast audio using the rss feed.

link slides in project

Creating, editing and linking interactive slides could not be easier. Slides are created using your own or system templates, that ¬†include captions, hyperlink buttons, injecting separate audio file and playing embedded a youtube video. Collaborators are given access the the creator’s template list.


Share your enrich projects to pretty much anywhere using a generated url link, or embed it on your website using an embed code, refer to it in show notes, and video for video channel.

appoint collaborator

The podcaster can create and add the slides themselves, or they can appoint someone to act as a collaborator to add the slides on their behalf

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If you would like to get early access to enrich, or are keen to keep up to speed on where we are with our roll-out, or want to chat about using the enrich api, please complete the form below and we will gladly interact with you.



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