for demonstration purposes only

calling all podcast creators

Enrich is ideal for creating and distributing enriched podcasts that convey information, knowledge and stories that work better with a visual component

add color to podcasts that need it

repurpose podcasts to expand reach

create premium podcasts for subscribers

extract part of podcast to video

use enrich where audio on its own is not enough but where video is step too far

(maybe because too expensive, time consuming or not really needed) 

use case examples

podcast that wants context

This is from The Lonely Palette podcast. The need for visuals is obvious, as a podcast about art without seeing the art is challenging. The same is true for other podcasts genres like travel, fashion, etc. Currently, podcaster uses a separate webpage where listeners can see the visuals as they follow the story. Slides are also used to enhance host-read ads.

news article

A Daily Maverick article which images related to the article. The audio was generated by ‘speechkit’ app and a pre-roll ad with links was be baked in. Typically, the article would be embedded into webpage, or shared through social media & social messaging.


This lecture is from Rhodes University, and was repurposed from an original 225MB low resolution ‘talking-head with slides video to a 9MB enrich presentation. The sides were imported from PowerPoint. Learners can zoom into the slide to see details and use  thumbnails to navigate. Enrich has been successfully used Rhodes Business School, where facilitators enjoy the super simplistic way of creating lectures.


Repurposed written story from GETAWAY magazine for those who prefer listening over reading (listeners are prompted when there is a new image). A pre-roll ad was baked in, with links. Typically, the article would be embedded in a webpage, shared through social media or picked up through a strategically positioned qr code.

how it works

enrich creator:

Slides are inserted alongside the audio with the ultra simple creator, each slide can include multiple images, text, links, gifs, separate audio and more. 


Each enrich presentation has it’s own URL that can be added to show-notes, embedded into webpages, shared through media & messaging platforms or with qr code. The presentation plays immediately on any smart device. In addition, bite sized bits of each presentation can be extracted into video for separate distribution.   

enrich player:

The enrich web-player is designed around podcast UX and phone usage


If required, ads with their own audio and links can be baked in the presentation, which ensure that ads are always connected to the consumption of the content.


The free version is designed to provide the opportunity to experience all of enrich‘s creation and editing features, how the enriched podcast is distributed and played in the web-player and/or converted into video


one free project


20 projects for $20pm plus 2 monthly bonus projects


50 projects for $45pm plus 5 monthly bonus projects

All paid subscriptions are charged in USD on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. Projects in each subscription means the total number of enriched podcasts that can be edited and/or played (hosted) and/or converted into video at any one time – old projects can be deleted to make space for new ones. Bonus projects are added at the end of every month where the subscription remains intact

Contact us if need larger numbers or for organisation usage

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    Note: all content in the above examples used publicly available content and includes reference to source