calling all magazine publishers

use enrich to repurpose your content

into audio-sideshows (or epods) with interactive ads and videos

to expand your reach and network.

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how is enrich different

enrich is your simple smart audio-slideshow solution, where magazine publishers

can easily convert their content into interactive audio-slideshows and videos,

so that their end-users can consume content in different ways

while remaining within the magazine’s ecosystem …

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The above demo was put together for a local magazine. Some of the links take the end-user to the magazine’s or advertiser’s website, while others allow the end-user to consume the full article.

everyone loves the enrich experience!

placing content into audio format and adding slides

enables the content (including ads) to be

consumed and shared more broadly.

enhanced end-user engagement

end-users:  consume without images ● consume on device with images ● easily share with others ● access ads ● use slides to navigate through content ● move between content with hyperlinks ● are prompted to check out new slides ● zoom in and out to see everything on the slide

improved story telling capacity


Interactive slides: increase engagement as audio is primary ● enhances story ● are created from templates or imported ● can include images, gifs, captions, hyperlinks, separate audio, youtube videos, etc.

with enrich, everyone wins

distribute anywhere

distribute using a standard url, embed code (iframe) and MP4.

enrich is easy to use

create project

Create enrich project with audio recording of the content

link slides to project

Creating, editing and linking interactive slides in a project is so much easier: slides are created using templates that include captions, hyperlink buttons, the ability to inject separate audio and playing an embedded you TubeTube video. You can also allow others to assist you with creating your projects.


Share your enrich projects almost anywhere using a generated url link, or embed it on your website with an embed code. Enrich also allows you to create a video of each slide show.

please give me early access to enrich

If you would like to get early access to enrich, or are keen to keep up to speed on where we are with our roll-out, or want to chat about using the enrich api, please complete the form below and we will gladly interact with you.



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