when audio is not enough and video is a step too far …

what you want is the best of both …

what you really want is enrich

enrich is your simple smart audio-slideshow solution that gets the message across with high quality, interactive, engaging and efficient presentations…

how is enrich different

enrich software allows you to create content that combines smart-slides with audio


The content is distributed in epods (each epod has its own unique url), and is consumed immediately by end-users in a highly engaging podcast-like web-player.

enrich is your simple smart audio-slideshow solution,


enrich is for

presentations / articles / training / on-boarding / product descriptions / marketing / etc.

bite size epod

for punchy marketing

epods < 2minutes long

short story epod

general story telling

epod up to 10 min long

long epod

long audio epods with

ultra low data packages

enrich is for

presentations / articles / training / on-boarding / product descriptions / marketing / etc.

everyone loves the enrich experience!

Note: the above lecture has a data package of 8MB vs a 225MB video version

“A very useful tool for communication teams

needing to make their presentations more engaging and shareable”

Garth Jemmett – weexplainstuff.com, Cape Town

enhanced end-user engagement

end-users:  listen as normal ● are prompted to check out new slides ● use slides to navigate ● access hyperlinks ● zoom in and out to see everything on the slide

improved story telling capacity


Interactive slides: increases engagement as shows only needed content ● enhances story ● are created from templates or imported ● can include images, gifs, captions, hyperlinks, separate audio, youtube videos, etc. ● uses ultra low data ● can export to video

with enrich, everyone wins

distribute anywhere and everywhere

distribute using a standard url, embed code (iframe) and MP4.

quick to create, edit, share & consume

create enrich project

Create a project the enrich creator either by uploading audio to any podcast host service and then using the rss feed or by uploading the audio file directly into enrich (create audio as normal using any available software).

link slides in project

Creating, editing and linking interactive slides could not be easier. Slides are created using system templates, that include captions, hyperlink buttons, injecting separate audio file and playing embedded a youtube video. Creators can create their own list of their own templates, and collaborators are given access the the creator’s template list.


Share your enrich projects to pretty much anywhere using a generated url link, or embed it on your website with an embed code.

appoint collaborator

The creator can appoint others collaborate with them and add the slides on their behalf

please give me early access to enrich

If you would like to get early access to enrich, or are keen to keep up to speed on where we are with our roll-out, or want to chat about using the enrich api, please complete the form below and we will gladly interact with you.



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