about enrich

with enrich, everyone wins

enrich enriches all podcasts / audio – we call them “richpods”


enrich: enables podcasters to enriches the audio story with essential slides (note: the slides are inserted post the audio production, and includes an audio prompt to the listener to ‘take a quick look’) / increases financial sustainability with better ads / enables differentiated products to grow subscriptions / allows old podcast shows to be repurposed by adding story-slides / provides additional analytics about listeners (note: the existing analytics provided the audio host not impacted) / can outsource the creation and linking of slide to others. The slides included by the podcaster are interactive and diverse- they can be anything from a plain image, to images with captions and/or hyperlinks, gifs, snap surveys, etc., and the design of the slide is based on the purpose of the slide, such as story content, ads, reference to additional resource, pol / information gathering, etc.


enrich: enables better engagement with the story / shows the visuals that want or need to be seen with referring to show notes or separate webpages / allows podcaster to easily skip through the podcast / increases podcast sharing options / is much better than ‘talking-head’ videos


enrich: increases the sustainability of podcasters, which is good for hosts / can enable their players to deliver interactive slides / produces better overall analytics / provides better quality and delivery of ads / can use enrich to provide media services to podcasters and insert ad slides / opens up new podcast markets / opportunity for hosts to act as resellers of enrich to


enrich: allows media collaborators to add ad slides ads, with or without hyperlinks / can develop a library of pre-recorded audio slides that can then be linked into a different podcasts / provides better analytics to enable increases ad efficiency, and with this, better ad revenue  / enables independent media consultants to be used to create slides


Who can benefit?

Most Podcasters


enrich all categories of podcasts with interactive story-slides and interactive ad-slides

Radio Podcasts


particularly news / current affairs / business shows where slides increase engagement

New Podcast Markets


use enrich‘s features for audio presentations, audio books, and other audio products

enrich enables podcasters to thrive and flourish

distributing your richpods

enrich allows richpods to be seamlessly distributed into existing channels. Because the streaming of audio is separate from the streaming of slides, players are able to play a podcast, and only show the slides if the particular podcast has been enriched.

Simple URL


enrich allows you generate a URL that can be shared anywhere. Pressing the URL link allows the listener to consume the richpod with the enrich player on almost any device.

iFrame with embedded URL


enrich provides iFrame embed codes suitable to include in your webpage or share through social media – listeners simply press the play button to consume richpod.

API for 3rd party players


enrich provides an API that enables any third party player to be easily enabled to show the interactive slides and build the other features they believe with enhance listeners experience. For more on this, contact us.

enrich software


the enrich creator is desktop software where the podcaster links interactive slides into their podcasts in minutes. Before a project can be created, enrich first verifies that email in the rss feed against the email of the account holders. The enrich creator allows the podcaster to: assign collaborators to assist with creation of interactive slides for project, create slides from system and/or personal templates, edit slides, add a single click-through link to any slide, link slides to podcast and then  generate URL and / or iFrame embed code for distribution.

Podcaster Verification

enrich requires that owner of a podcast show first verifies their permission to enrich podcast episodes. To do this, enrich checks that Account Holder’s email address matches the podcast owner’s email address in the podcast’s meta-data. If not, then enrich informs Account Holders and sends the owner of the email address in the podcast’s meta-data that the email address’ do not match. Sometimes the podcast host places their email address in the meta-data, but there is normally a function in the host’s software to set the email address to match the podcaster’s email address.


the enrich player is a web-based player that plays the rss audio stream together with all types of interactive slides, and allows the listener to navigate through the podcast using the slides as markers