enrich is a super easy way to create and distribute interactive audio slideshows


add visuals to audio • create short video clips • create slideshow from video


connect interactive visual slides to your audio files or podcasts


distribute all or part to video • share url & stream to web-player.

enrich is for publishers, podcasters, educators, bloggers, marketers, agencies, communicators…
the list goes on!

save generated video clips to dropbox, and integrate with a distribution platform such as Repupose.io 

experience enrich, try the sample below:

‘podcast-like controls’

1. Click on the play button in the player above  2. Scroll through  3. Click on the thumbnails


From podcast or audio file

Create projects from audio file or import automatically from an existing podcast.

Add Smart Slides

Creating slides with in enrich is super easy, or import slides from PowerPoint or Google.


Either share published link across all platforms for the enrich web-based player, or export all or part of the content to video.



Web-based player, that works on all platforms and devices and provides for an enhanced user experience and intuitive navigation.

It ‘just works’

No logins or downloads, simply click on a published link or use the embedded player, and it starts streaming!


Familiar ‘podcast-like’ controls … enhanced with time-linked thumbnails.

Enhanced end-user engagement

Users can click on interactive elements, or share-from any point.

looks great

easy to use

enhanced user experience

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use cases

enrich is a cloud-based, rich media publishing tool, designed to deliver new and repurposed content in an engaging and efficient way, across all social media platforms.

corporate communications

There are a wide variety of applications within this space, from presentations, to training and induction, through to health and safety, and marketing. enrich can also be used as an interactive alternative to client ‘newsletter’ communication.

narrated articles & podcasts

Podcasts in categories such as movie revues, graphic novels, art, fashion, and travel can be repurposed and republished with enhanced content created using enrich, and offered as part of a paid-for subscription. In essence, enrich retains the nature of narrated articles and podcasts by providing ‘just audio’. A ‘re-imagined’ podcast episode on enrich could be no more than a single image, and the enrich controls are exactly the same as a podcast player. Plus, using enrich  does not interfere with the podcast analytics provided by a host.

lectures & lessons

Compared to video, enrich allows presenters/lecturers the ability to add/update slides and engage with their audience by including navigation and links to resources, or even short video clips. There is a batch import function to import existing presentation slides.

email newsletters

Traditional newsletters are sent via emails, which has some constraints. emails often link  to a web page. enrich content can be more dynamic and allow end-users to consume and engage with the content differently. Financial services could easily create an enrich presentation with graphs and charts, and include user-interaction such as a quick poll, or even link to a store.


Magazine articles are more than just text, as they very often contain visuals/images, and illustrations. This rules out audio-only options. with enrich magazine publishers don’t need to compromise. Content can be easily converted into interactive audio-slideshows and videos. End-users can also consume this new content in a wide variety of new ways, as enrich can be embedded in a webpage or digimag, sent in an email, or posted on social media. enrich ad-injection also allows for an additional source of revenue.

audio books

‘Audio books’ are what they say – audio. enrich can be used to repurpose some existing content, but also, open new markets. audio books, by its very nature are well suited to certain genres, but also constrained. enrich allows publishers to expand their offering, to new audiences. this covers a very wide range, many of which are not suitable as ‘pure’ audio books, from graphic novels, to comics, home and garden, text books, food/cooking, history, health and fitness, science fiction, diy, art, photography, travel, and many more.


Convert existing blog posts to audio (can be synthetic voice), and include rich media, call-to-actions and links. This gives bloggers the opportunity to repurpose their blog content, and expand their opportunities beyond ‘text-only’.

tour guides & showcasing

enrich is ideal for putting together guided tours of buildings, cities, towns, tourist attractions, fauna and flora, as well as art exhibitions and other cultural events where the visual reference is as important as the narration.


enrich can be used as a valuable marketing tool to deliver hard-hitting, promotional messaging upfront, to attract interest in and drive traffic to other web-based content.

education example

the original was a 225MB video file, enrich turned it into a 9MB engaging lecture. click the play button

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The free version is designed to give users an opportunity to experience the all of enrich, but does not allow the user to brand the web-player. Paid subscribers have access to all of enrich’s editing features, hosting of content on web-player and video creation.


free trial

1 free project


20 projects for $19 pm


50 projects for $45 pm


100 projects for $85 pm

all paid subscriptions are charged in usd on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. the number of projects represents the total number of projects that can be edited or hosted (played) on the web-player at any one time.

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